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PHLEBOTOMY (Venepuncture)

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We offer the Work Experience Programme to help our students with finding secure employment!

"Looking for a Phlebotomy Job"? Read below and discover the amazingly simple Phlebotomy Competency Certification Course with Medicare that has helped many men and women who have achieved their dream of becoming a Competent Phlebotomist.

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Medicare's Phlebotomy Training Courses are divided into two parts.

Part One
  • Theory & Dry Lab Experience. You will learn Phlebotomy Basics & Practice on Mannequins.
  • 1 day Intensive Training Course for medical/clinical background candidates with the honour of the Certificate - Special Offer: ONLY £107* (Normal price £147). Non medical/clinical background Candidates required x 2 days part for one of the training at an additional cost of £90 for the extra day and all those candidates who book for Part 1 between March - April 2019 will be additionally offered live blood sessions i.e.Part 2 One session at teaching clinic Just £157- (Normal price £197)

Part Two
  • Placements at Phlebotomy Clinics / NHS Trusts / live blood sessions with patients.

    Propelled phlebotomy sessions in clinical settings prompting the honour of the Phlebotomy Certificate of Competence (ONLY £157)

    Special Assistance:- Medicare services offer to all graduates work placement / phlebotomist work experience.

    The program gives chances to increase a few hands-on understanding, build up your insight into phlebotomy and increase precious work encounter record and a critical preferred standpoint in your profession advancement. In order to get involve in this programme please contact 0203 372 4174 or write an e-mail at info@medicareservices.org.uk

Note, book early because places fill up quickly.


On the completion of the training the student will be able to:

  • List the duties of a phlebotomist.
  • Define legal issues related to phlebotomy.
  • Describe the universal precautions as outlined by the NHS.
  • Describe the venous anatomy and veins and skin surfaces on which phlebotomy can be performed.
  • Describe the venous anatomy and veins and skin surfaces on which phlebotomy can be performed.
  • List the equipment and supplies needed to collect blood by venipuncture and skin puncture.
  • Describe the steps in accurate specimen collection and documentation procedures.
  • Demonstrate a successful venipuncture on manikin arm.
  • Demonstrate appropriate infection control principles when performing phlebotomy.
  • Understand the legal aspects of phlebotomy and learn to collect the blood samples using the systems i.e. S-Monovette Blood Collection System and the vacutainer system.
  • Understand and list the complications during the procedures and post procedure.
  • Before working independently ‘alone’ taking the blood samples under the trained/competent phlebotomist’s supervision.

Course Structure

    Obtaining the Certificate of Competence is gained after completing both parts of the training. In order to become a competent Phlebotomist candidate has to attend both parts of the training. Medicare run the phlebotomy training course in two parts.

    Part one

    Part 1 is a day of Theory & Dry laboratory Experience where our experienced trainers will cover all the essential knowledge in phlebotomy that you will require. You will have an opportunity to practice blood taking from training arms. You will learn the basics of Phlebotomy, legal aspects of Phlebotomy, infection control, health & safety. You will learn both Blood Collection Systems i.e. Vacutainer-Tubes & S-Monovette System order of draw. On completion this leads to receiving a Certificate of Attendance. It also includes registration, all the course materials, refreshment is provided.

    Part Two

    Part Two is x2 days Practical preparing in facility incorporates Live Blood Sessions. This is the Placement / Practical Part of Medicare Proper Phlebotomy Training which take place at NHS Trusts / Teaching Clinics. Trainees take blood from genuine patients under the supervision of a Medical Doctor/ Qualified Assessor/ Phlebotomy Trainer and get a Certificate of Competence. Medicare Services offer the Phlebotomy Training to all even with no former qualification.

On successful completion of the training ,trainee will get a proper genuine CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE. Medicare’s phlebotomy courses meet all 18 NHS Competencies recommended by the NHS Skills for Health Org, National Occupational Standards & 'Pathway to Competency'. Course materials has been developed by NHS senior phlebotomists. If you are considering a new career in the Healthcare Field, then Phlebotomist profession could be a wonderful and excellent start. At Medicare Services we will assist you through all the way i.e. starts till you secure the job as a competent Phlebotomist. We will help you to prepare for your CV and also assist you for your future interviews and we believe this is the quickest way for you to step into the National Health Services and also to become a competent phlebotomist. To become a Phlebotomist you do not have to have any previous experience or any qualification. With Medicare once you have obtained the proper documentation you shall be getting the experience on the job. Phlebotomist job is a very highly demanded area in the clinical field. Not only are our courses informative and professional, but we also ensure that our candidates have fun and enjoy their time learning with Medicare. Our professional lecturers and highly skilled phlebotomy trainers are always helping to the prospective candidates with great patience.

With Medicare many candidates have been trained as a Phlebotomist and come from:

  • A Level /Gap Year & Graduate Candidates
  • First Year Medical Students &Trainee Nurses
  • GP/ Private Medical Centres
  • National Health Service & Private Hospitals Staff
  • Kings College
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • LSBU/UCL/UH/QMU /MOD and many other universities
  • Foreign Trained Medical Graduates
  • Nurses from Bulgaria, Romania and poland
  • Nurses from India
  • Para Medical Staff
  • MLA from India
  • Dentists from Nepal
  • Candidates from Gulf and UAE
  • Private NGOs and Many Charities Staff

What do phlebotomy students have to say about Medicare Services?

30 Jan 2017

Dear Dr John, I'm very happy that I have saved my hard earned money and I took part in the Proper Phlebotomy training provider. Particularly live blood sessions was the best part of the training. I thoroughly enjoyed the practice and working with a very helpful trainer I have gained confidence in how to draw blood from patients. Many thanks. Yours sincerely,

Farhia Sheik Hassan.


I really appreciate your help in providing me Phlebotomy training i am much more confident and determined and no longer nervous in drawing the blood from the body. Thank you so much . May God bless you.

Linda Jones
London, Hayes

I always wanted to be in medical field so i chose to be a Phlebotomist. But the site of blood and working with needle always terrified me. Thanks for your proper explanation and training i have got much hold on my nervousness and now i can say this proudly that i am working in International SOS which is the most inspiring company of London. My dream has come true

London, Croydon

I usually don't write Testimonials but i guess this time i had to. I felt really good in going through your course the informative stuff you have is very useful. I have also told my friends about it and they have been eager too because in becoming a Phlebotomist , we need proper training and guidance and a thorough description of every single step and procedure which your have elaborated very clearly and i appreciate your effort for helping students like us.

Amenda . S . Willson
London, Tooting

I am the first one in my family to be in a medical profession. You have played a great role in helping me become a Phlebotomist. I am so happy and grateful i can not even describe it in words! my younger sister also wants to follow the same profession and i have told her about your help which makes the process very helpful and easy which i have learned from you, that it involves hard work and tactics. Please keep on doing the good work. God Bless.

Zeba Iftikhaar
London, Hammersmith

Hii hope your are doing well. I am not good at writing but still here i am providing you with my feedback on your content material which is original , unique and very informative i must say. It helped me and my friends with the training process and Inshallah in some months we will become professional Phlebotomist . Cheers!!!

Hareem Aslam
London, Acton

Phelebotomy has always interested me though i am not a phlebotomist by profession yet with your helpful website i have gained immense knowledge and insights regarding this field. i am now thinking to get a training as a professional now. Hope my further queries will be answered.

Ryan Tob
London, Acton

My name is Alena Caramboth. I wanted to thank you for providing information about Phlebotomy. Now that i have read everything i feel it is actually a very simple process. Your just have to be a little considerate with the patients and devoted with your job.

Alena Caramboth
London, Acton

I really appreciate your help in providing me Phlebotomy training i am much more confident and determined and no longer nervous in drawing the blood from the body. Thank you so much . May God bless you.

Linda Jones
London, Acton

Every body in my home had told me that i can not be a Phlebotomist as i can not stand the site of blood. But since my grand mother wanted me to join this profession so i had to and so i am. I can not thank you more because you guided me so well and the tips you provided helped me like anything also the fact that this field is so beneficial to mankind. Please i am expecting more articles from you.

Juan Marshall
London, Acton
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